Using A Credit Card Or Debit Card To Post Your Bail Bond!

Need To Get Bailed Out In A Hurry! – Credit/Debit Card Bail Bonds
August 13, 2011
A brief Overview of Bail Bonds and How They Can Help
October 9, 2011

Most jail facilities in Maricopa County will not allow you to use a credit card to debit to post your bail bonds payment to get out of jail. In this situation you will need to contact a bail bonds company that can process your payment in order to get you out. We are able to process your payment immediately and get the process started right away. We don’t want for you to be in jail any longer than you have to be. We also are offering a 5 minute bail process. We have relationships with most of the major jails and courts sytems in the Maricopa County. We also are in Tucson,Az, Flagstaff, Az and Prescott, Az. We have live agents standing by 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

In this type of situation what you really need is an experienced bail bonds company that is avaialbe in order to not only get your credit card or debit card processed immediately, but also be able to start the bail bonds process as well. This will enable you to have a very fast release from jail. Of course you will still have court appearances in the future. The use of a bail bondsman or a bail bonds agent is putting up the entire bail amount on your behalf in order to get you released from prison. The fee associated with this is usually 10% of the total bail bonds amount. Because we and other bail bonds companies are putting up the entire bail amount, we will usually require some sort of collateral.

We like to call ourselves experts in the bail bonds industry and if you want experience and a company that truely cares about you and will provide you with professionalism and confidentiality then give us a call at 602 773-5511 and one of our bail bonds agents will get you taken care of right away. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you. When you are paying for a bond, you are actually paying for a service and you should get top quality.

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