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November 9, 2019
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November 10, 2019

We Help Make the Process Much Easier To Get Released on Bond

Getting arrested is one of the most humiliating times of a persons life and there may seem no end to that journey. But a bail bonds agent will help make the process much easier to get out of jail fast. Especially if you are in a time of financial difficulty, a bail bondsman is a good resource to help you out.

Bail bonds are surety bonds and it can be pretty expensive to post bail for someone based on their crime committed. This is why many people contact a bail bondsman to help with this process.  The bail bondsman acts as the person arranging the procedure between the court and the accused. It is also their job to make sure that the person they bailed out is present and accounted for on court dates.

Usually, the co-signer or the person whom the convict has contacted to arrange the bail has to provide 10 percent of the bail amount or some form of collateral equaling the 10%. The money paid down before the bail is a small security for the risks that the bondsman is willing to take, because they are taking the full risk for the bail amount. They take the brunt of the risk, which is why many bail bonds companies will require not only a down payment, but they may also require a payment plan and a contract that is enforceable.