Bail Bonds: What and how essential it is on emergencies

Who is a Bail Bondsman? And How Can a Bondsman Help You!
November 11, 2011
Tips in Bail Bonds Process and Selection of Bail Bondsman
December 20, 2011

If you have been imprisoned, you yourself will not be able to go out and look for a bail bondsman to get you out from prison. Someone, a family member or a friend, will have to look for someone who will be suitable for the job. The bail bonds process starts when the documentation is given to you by the bail bonds agent and you have it signed. The content of the documentation usually includes the receipt or the amount you need to pay, the application and other documents needed for the bail. It takes 2 hours or more to complete a standard process, after that the detainee will be locked out under police custody. This is the standard bail bonds process.

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What is a bail bondsman? A bondsman or what one calls a bail bonds agent is a person who can provide loans as bail for a prisoner defendant in court. It is similar to a service given by banks when you get a loan from it, the only difference is the fact that it is easier to loan money from a bonds agent since banks questions a person’s liability especially if they know that the money is to be used as bail. A bail business is comprised of bondsmen that work for a common corporation. The bondsmen that people are familiar with are found only in the US and in some lesser extent in the Philippines.

Bondsmen charge about 10% of the amount of bails for their fees. Getting a man to do the job is not hard work since they do not let opportunities of earning pass by; people who usually seek them are those who will surely pay them. If the bail amount is too small and will not amount to the 10% of commission they are seeking for in customers, the bondsmen will refuse to help. But if the money meets the bail bonds standards that are high, they will do the work for you.

Agreements are usually done before giving the money to the bondsmen. A contract ascertains that the process done is legally recognized.

How can a bail bonds company help you?
1. Reduce the mental stress you have. How? Mental stress is worse when you are in jail, what makes it worst is the fact that you need to provide a certain amount of money to bail out of jail. As Bail Bondsman, we help reduce the stress because we will be handling those kinds of things for you.

2. Reduce anxiety for relatives. Having people worrying about you is tough, with bondsmen, they will make you feel more secure that someone will help bail you out of jail.

3.  Nothing is left forgotten. The level of anxiety when a family member is in jail is very high indeed, thus some things may be left forgotten. Important paper works that are needed for you to be out of prison. With professional bondsmen, nothing will be left out of place because they are skilled men who are trained for this kind of job.

4. They look out for you. Not only they give you a loan to bail you out of prison, they can also help you get a lawyer since the corporations that employ bondsmen keep a number of lawyers in hand for their customers.