Who is a Bail Bondsman? And How Can a Bondsman Help You!

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November 11, 2011
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December 12, 2011
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A court may offer an accused person a chance to pay a certain amount of money and he will be released on a temporarily basis. This amount requested by the court is called a bail bond. If the accused person is unable to raise the amount required to pay the bail, he can get a bail bond from a bail bondsman. A bail bond is a form of surety that the accused person will appear in court on the set date of trial.

A bail bondsman is a person who secures the release of an accused person by paying bail bond to the court. He has the responsibility of ensuring the accused person appears in court as required. He charges the accused person only a percentage of the bail amount. He then pays deposits the full bond amount to the court to secure the accused person’s release. If the accused person fails to appear in court on the trial date, the bail bondsman forfeits the total amount paid to the court. A bail bonds man makes his money from commission charged to the accused person. This commission is a percentage of the total bail amount.

Get Out of Jail in a Hurry!

A good bail bonds company is usually professional and cordial. It keeps the information of the accused confidential and provides quick service .A good bail bonds company can secure the release of the accused within a few hours. Such a company takes any calls from the accused person promptly and assures their client that all will be well. It also provides accused with information on a proper attorney to represent him during the hearing.

To get fast bail bonds, the accused person must quickly provide some documents to the bail bondsman. Such documents include the personal details like identity proof, his /her credit report and proof of ownership of collateral. The best bail bonds are normally well secured with adequate collateral to ensure that the interests of the bail bondsman are taken care of, incase the accused person flees from prosecution. We offer signature bail bonds and no collateral bail bonds to many clients that qualify for this service.