Basic Facts About Bail Bonds

Common Questions about the Bail Bonds Process
May 16, 2013
Learn How Bail Bonds Work
May 21, 2013

In case of a run in with the law, certain cases and misdemeanors usually require the defendant to spend a certain amount of time in jail. However, the accused can very well do away with the requirement to spend even a single night in jail by acquiring the use of bail bonds.

What are bail bonds? In a nutshell, bail bonds are forms of guarantee, usually issued by the accused and his legal counsel, that the person who is accused of the crime will appear in front of the court for a scheduled session. In exchange for this guarantee, the defendant will be able to avoid spending time behind bars. A certain amount of money and help from a legal council is required in order to secure this kind of privilege, though. This kind of guarantee is also usually afforded to those who are accused of petty crimes and those who do not have past criminal records.