Learn How Bail Bonds Work

Basic Facts About Bail Bonds
May 19, 2013
Bail Bonds Help: Finding the Right Agency
May 23, 2013

When one is accused of a crime and brought in jail for it, he may use bail bonds in order to get the leeway of leaving jail and going home, given that he agrees to face court some other time. In exchange for a certain amount, an individual is set free, with strings attached of course.

Bail bonds do not grant absolute freedom to the accused. This is a fact that needs to be explained clearly, for most people are under the impression that paying bail leaves them scot-free.

The process of posting bail bonds usually depends on the kind of crime that the defendant is accused of. In case of minor misdemeanors, bail may be posted and agreed upon within hours. Major cases, on the other hand, will require the presence of a lawyer and a more stringent process. The same process usually happens, but a longer length of time in required for heavier charges.