A Brief Overview of the Bail Bonds Process

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April 8, 2013
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April 11, 2013

Most people think that the bail bonds process is a long process that will take up much of their time and energy. This cannot be farther than the truth! With the help of a reputable guarantor or a bail bondsman, the process of posting bail can be divided into two very simple parts.

The first part of the bail bonds process involves determining the amount that the defendant has to pay in order to be granted temporary freedom. Usually, the bail bondsman or guarantor agrees to foot a certain percentage of this amount.

The next part of the bail bonds process involves setting a time and date on which the defendant has to reappear in front of the court. This schedule should be observed no matte what happens, for the defendant will be in a much deeper mess if he fails to come to court on the date that he is schedule to.