Responsibilities of a Bail Bondsman

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April 14, 2013
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April 16, 2013

A bail bondsman is an individual who is willing to foot a certain portion of the money that the accused requires in order to place bail. However, a certain amount of capitol or collateral is usually required from the defendant, so as to ensure that he will appear for his court schedule.

The responsibility of a bail bondsman does not end here, for he is also responsible in ensuring that the defendant appears in future hearings. If the accused fails to present himself in front of the court on the predetermined schedules, the bail bondsman has the power to look for him and to personally present him to the authorities. He has this power due to the fact that he is partially responsible for the defendants release. By bringing the accused to court, he will not only be able to help the law place the necessary sanctions, but will also get back his share of the bail money.